RITEQ connects with the Retail Score!

The Retail Score works with Riteq, helping retailers move from payroll and rostering to affordable Retail Intelligence with optimised staff cover.

The Retail Score is an experienced Riteq integrator and connects directly to Riteq to extract all the data you need to be successful.

Are you using Riteq as your time and attendance platform?  If so, it is probably doing a great job of your staff rosters, planned and actual hours.  But time and attendance platforms like Riteq are not designed to capture sales transactions and other circumstantial information such as staff hours or even inventory levels.  It is not feasible to move all your transactional, inventory and foot fall data into a rostering platform which is why the Retail Score connects directly to Riteq so planned and actual hours can be integrated and analysed with all your other data.

The Retail Score has over 50 years of experience in retailing, retail analytics and data management.  We know Riteq, we work with you and your team to identify all the fields and data you need to grow your business.  We also integrate with your other data assets including ERP, budgets, Google Analytics, web traffic, foot fall, campaigns and customer segmentation platforms.  Our solution is tailored and scaled to meet your needs so you have full control over your data and reporting.

Top 7 Benefits of using The Retail Score with your Riteq time and attendance data...

Our solution improves decision making, enriches analysis and drives greater efficiency

  • Sales, budgets, traffic, time & attendance and inventory into one report, in one place!

  • Improve resourcing, staff cover and labour forecasting.

  • Make better use of your staff costs data by comparing sales per hour (SPH). 

  • Better store and individual performance metrics. 

  • More accurate and relevant reward and staff incentive programs. 

  • Integrate with campaigns to understand uplift and effectiveness. 

  • Understand and act on staff KPI’s across your full time, part time vs casuals


Request a trial and let us prove the value of the solution with your own data.

If you are using Riteq for your rostering and time sheets and are looking to know more about your performance, margin and sales or to simply optimised your staff costs, then contact us.  We can set you up with a trail so you can experience the value of the solution with your own data including Riteq.