We work with leading retail and wholesale brands to identify key measures that drive success across their entire organisation.   And because individuals need different data access and insights, we offer the right tools for the job. 

Our solutions are fast,

familiar and affordable.

Data warehouse

Our solution is unique as we connect directly to any of your data assets so all reports are refreshed automatically and available via one central branded portal for decision makers.

And because important data such as Budgets, Sales Targets, Location attributes etc often exists as individual files and spreadsheets, we provide an easy way to upload these into the production platform. 

We integrate a broad range of data sources from transactions, stock, customer and sales people to traffic, general ledger, online and much more.


Pivot 4 planners

Pivot 4 Planners provides direct and easy access into your complete data warehouse from MS Excel.  No need to learn new software or purchase expensive software licenses!

Planners and decision makers can now build, refresh and publish reports, run ad hoc queries and answer business questions much faster and all from the one single source of the truth that is always up to date. 

It is not about working harder, but working smarter.


Custom reports

Most retailers have a set of reports they use all the time.  Often, these reports can take time to update and can be static, lacking the ability to drill or pivot into more detail.

We work with you to upgrade these reports so they are still familiar and relevant but are now automatically refreshed meaning that weekly report can now be viewed daily or hourly.  We also can enrich the report so decision makers can drill to barcode or store or even add related measures to understand the numbers better, was it traffic or stock levels that influenced the result.



TheRetailScore helps your organisation share knowledge across teams with a secure, custom branded trade portal.  The portal not only provides a single location to publish and broker your performance reports and business insights but it also provides the ideal vehicle for collaborating and sharing files, blogs, announcements, videos, images, look books, product knowledge, surveys and much much more!



Our tRS insights libraries are developed from years of retail experience to answer the critical questions. They are modified to fit your business and guide decision makers to faster conclusions.  We help to identify the KPI’s that matter and making sure they are published and accessible by everyone across the company from web to PC to mobile and tablet.



Getting insights to the people that matter is fundamental to a retailers success.  If information is relevant, fast and easy to access then people will more likely use it.  We can help you define and publish the key information for your mobile workforce, regardless of device or operating system.

Mobile dashboards are refreshed and delivered direct to users via the app.  Global filters can be applied to make it intuitive for users to see their information from a variety of visualisations including; tables to gauges, charts and maps.