We believe that success is underpinned by measuring what counts and sharing that with those that can take action.  We focus on delivering a tangible return on investment be it through improved productivity, finding growth or aiding smarter decision. 

We consult with your teams to identify the KPI’s that will help you grow and achieve your goals and with your third party vendors to develop direct access into your data assets. 


We listen

Yes, there are common themes across retailing but every retailer is different.  We spend the time with you and your management team to understand your priorities and pain points, what you are looking to achieve from a retail analytics solution.


We respond quickly

We are not a reseller, we have built and manage our own retail analytics solution and have direct experience with many of the popular retail ERP platforms.  That means we can implement changes to your data warehouse, measures or reports quickly, answer your questions directly and independently make decisions on the best way to support you.


We prove it

We understand the importance and value of seeing a retail analytics solution with your own data.  Not only can this approach help to validate data availability&quality but can also help to identify quick wins that will help to secure funding. 

We call this value engineering and if you are a retailer looking to implement a retail intelligence platform and are using one of our existing connected ERP environments, we can offer you a proof of concept.


We deliver

Once we have discussed your environment and potentially built a simple proof of concept, we work with you to detail the ideal solution and have it signed off.  We call this the Statement of Work which then leads to a proposal with costings.

Once the proposal is signed off, we complete the build and work with your team to validate the numbers, terminology, branding and reporting before going live and training your users.