General Ledger data is now available in the Retail Score.


The Retail Score integrates with your general ledger and financial data so you can automate management reporting, build interactive P&L statements, conduct quick deep dives into cost centres and drill down on accounts to uncover previously hidden spend patterns in your business.

The Retail Score is an experienced General Ledger integrator and connects directly to all your accounts and cost centres information for accurate and rapid reporting.


The Retail Score has over 50 years of experience in retailing, retail analytics and data management.  We know Retail and Retail Financials, we work with you and your team to identify all the cost centre and account fields you need to report on your business performance.  We also integrate with other data assets including your enterprise resource planning platform, budgets, Google Analytics, traffic counters, time and attendance, campaigns and customer segmentation platforms.  Our solution is tailored and scaled to meet your needs so you have full control over your data and reporting.

Top 10 Benefits of using The Retail Score with your general ledger data...

Our solution improves decision making, enriches analysis and drives greater efficiency

  1. Sales, budgets, traffic, time & attendance and inventory into one report, in one place!

  2. All your financial reports, refreshed automatically.

  3. Improve productivity  and save hundreds of staff hours each month.

  4. Dramatically improve data accuracy with one source of the truth.

  5. More frequent updates for faster decision making, why wait till the end of the month?

  6. Immediately post journals to understand their impact on your P&L.

  7. Add slicers to reports so one report can be viewed by time or by cost centre.

  8. Drill down using the hierarchies to understand the detail behind the exceptions.

  9. Use the option to post to a secure team portal to share directly with management.

  10. Turn your finance team into true business partners focusing on your business issues.


Request a trial and let us prove the value of the solution with your own data.

If you are stuck spending hours modifying and refreshing your financial data and looking to know more about how to automate this, grow your sales or simply improve decision making, then contact us.  We can set you up with a trail so you can experience the value of the solution with your own data.