Upload your budgets and other custom data sets directly into the Retail Score

The Retail Score works any data source including the custom data sources locked up in a PC, network, Excel Spreadsheet or someone’s head.

The Retail Score is experienced at integrating custom data and provides a simple way for retailers to upload changes so they are reflected for all reports and all users immediately after the next data refresh.

In addition to connecting to popular retailer data sources including; Apparel21, Harmony, Pronto, Retail Express and other ERP’s or foot fall and traffic counters or rostering platforms, we also connect with flat files and data maintained in spreadsheets. 


The most common custom data we integrate is a retailers’ budget.  In fact, retailers often have more than one budget and may have targets set for stores and second budget for their board.  Managing custom data also helps retailers wanting more nimble and dynamic segmentation such as location attributes or seasonal product groupings. 

Retailers can modify the segmentation or attributes directly via their secure ADMIN portal or upload revised targets and budgets during the year and each change is picked up and pushed into their Retail Score data warehouse on the next full refresh.

The Retail Score has over 50 years of experience in retailing, retail analytics and data management.  We know custom retailer data and the value of attributes, characteristics and having accurate and relevant targets.  

We work with you and your team to identify all the data assets you need to grow your business from targets to location attributes, seasonal or cost centre groupings.  Our solution is tailored and scaled to meet your needs so you have full control over your data and reporting.

Top 10 Benefits of using The Retail Score’s Admin Portal for Custom Data...

Our solution improves decision making, enriches analysis and drives greater efficiency

  1. Sales, budgets, traffic, time & attendance and inventory into one report, in one place!
  2. Integrate custom attributes and groupings that do not exist in your ERP.
  3. Add location attributes to compensate for limited fields in your ERP.
  4. Maintain sales targets and store budgets easily.
  5. A faster and easier way to make ‘bulk’ attribute changes to your data.
  6. Easier to maintain groupings such as seasonal or product styles.
  7. Access to reference guides and training materials.
  8. Set up automated pdf reports that can be scheduled emails to user groups.
  9. Manage custom data sources directly on the page or as a file upload.
  10. Convert weekly targets to daily with DEXTER our production platform.

Request a trial and let us prove the value of the solution with your own data.

If you are looking to know more about your customers, grow your sales, improve decision making or simply automate your business reporting, then contact us.  We can set you up with a trail so you can experience the value of the solution with your own data.