If you are constantly fire-fighting, you have the impression that you are surrounded by many, many problems. However, careful analysis will point to a few core problems that will solve all the fires.
Put simply, an insight is a conclusion with a recommendation.

Most retailers have an abundance of data. But, it can be too costly and time consuming to extract, organise and present data into meaningful results. Retailers need results that not only identify the key opportunities but can quickly lead to action.

This is where we can help. 

We offer retail analytics, designed for retail and built from experience…

  • Our retail intelligence platform is affordable
  • We integrate your data from warehouse to shopper
  • And provide interactive dashboards that line up with your business
  • From inventory management to effective promotions and efficient assortment
  • We like to think of it as ‘knowledge-in-a-box’
  • Our secure branded insights portals are tailored with your look and feel
  • Making it easy to publish your insights from HQ to store
  • On your mobile and on the web
For the average retailer in Australia, a 5% improvement in Gross Profit will deliver a 15% improvement in Net Profit.

So if you need help, our experienced consultants can work with you on your most complex business challenges from cash flow to store performance and shopper campaigns.

We have over 50 years of retail data analysis and insights experience. From apparel to homewares, from food to beverages, from inventory to customer analytics, we help retailers organise their data assets and convert them into powerful cloud based insights that impact your bottom line.