If winning isn’t important

then why keep score?

We are an Australian based retail analytics company, with over 50 years of experience in retailing, retail analytics, data management and insights.  We don’t just do business intelligence, we focus on delivering retail intelligence.

Knowledge with compelling

motivation to act.

We provide clients with the platform to not only easily analyse and measure performance, but to quickly; identify, quantify, act and track progress across a range of measures that drive success.  We believe, this is retail intelligence.  When peoplesee how they are tracking and know how to improve, they are empowered and motivated to take action, from head office to stores.


What is retail intelligence?

Put simply, retail intelligence is about measuring what is important, empowering the organisation with knowledge and enabling & rewarding people to take action. 

To make this a reality, retailers not only have to integrate their data into one place but also have to serve their teams from HQ to stores with easier and faster access to information.

Retailers who understand their customer, their business and can rapidly capitalize on opportunities by aligning their organization around the activities that matter most, will be more successful.

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Why retail intelligence?

Flat traffic counts and transaction values along with growing competitive pressure (not just from online) is forcing many retailers to improve their productivity and work harder for sales growth

Advances in technology has exploded data sources and made it easier to target customers with tailored shopping experiences.

Retail intelligence can have a direct and measurable impact on your business by:

  • increasing your productivity by automating reporting,
  • improving your bottom line by reducing costs &/or lifting sales
  • retaining top talent by rewarding hi performing sales people or empowering planners to focus on higher value activities.


  • Scalable: A solution that can adjust as your needs, budget & data sources change
  • Flexible: That is able to meet the needs of planners to executives to stores
  • Fast & reliable: that means good governance and automated processes
  • Branding: should be an extension of your brand and your business
  • ROI: Look for funding through productivity as well as growth opportunities
  • Commit: Benefits are as real for HQ as they are for stores and will require change so engage all departments early